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Heir to Three Thrones- Paperback

In Heir to Three Thrones, the action-packed conclusion to the Shalrodan Saga, Gary Krahmer learns of an ancient prophecy, and to see its fulfillment, he must lead the Valrimir people from the lands of eternal ice and snow to a new land far to the north, called Celeva, meaning "the paradise" in the ancient tongue.

He must overcome several daunting obstacles. First, he doesn't know where this promised land is located! Using a secret locked away in an ornate box, Gary, Trista, and his friends must return to the Outworld as ancient ways clash with modern times, while they search for the mythical lands of Celeva. Next, this paradise is guarded by fierce warriors called the Raluki, led by the fearsome Ragnar, who want to prevent the Valrimir from coming to Celeva, and reuniting with their long-lost brother race, the Valkyr.

In order to gain the knowledge needed to defeat the Raluki, Gary must travel back in time, and at long last meet his counterpart from thousands of years ago, and they live each other's lives for a period of time! In the process, Gary gains the knowledge needed to defend the Valrimir people from the invasion of Ragnar and his Raluki warriors concluding in an exciting showdown miles high upon the sky of ice!

Heir to Three Thrones- Paperback

SKU: 979-8401423948
  • Paperback - 523 pages

    6" x 9" x  145 inches

    1.9 pounds


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