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The Summoning - Paperback

The second book of the epic Shalrodan Saga , The Summoning  is the eciting sequel to "Earth of Fire, Sky of Ice" and chronicles the continuing adventures of geologist Gary Krahmer during his time spent with the Valrimir, the last remnant of a civilization that has lived upon the Antarctic continent! The Valrimir have somehow managed to survive deep below the surface in caverns warmed by geothermal energy. 


This volume details not only Gary's incredible adventures that are continuing in present day, but also gives a most interesting insight as Gary shares the rich history of the people that anciently inhabited the Antarctic continent. These were the days before the continental drift southward made the land almost uninhabitable. According to the ancients, these lands were once known as Shalrodan. Gary offers and exciting and insightful account of the people, the various lands, the different cultures, and of the wars that once raged across the lands of Shalrodan. 

The Summoning - Paperback

SKU: 979-8401437099
  • Paperback: 533 Pages

    6" x 9"  x 1.34 inches   

    1.96 pounds

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