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Updated: May 22, 2023

Hello world! My name is Robert R. Hotchkiss, and I would like to welcome you to my little corner of cyberspace. Today is May 18th, 2023, and this is my inaugural post! So lets just jump right into it. You may be wondering "What is Shalrodan?" I'm glad that you asked. Shalrodan is the name which in the tongue of the ancients means "The lands of Rodanim", or as you came to know them in some elementary school geography class, the modern day continent of Antarctica.

I am the author of a series of books in my Shalrodan Saga series that chronicle the history of the continent of Antarctica. My first book, "Earth of Fire, Sky of Ice" tells the amazing story of Geologist Gary Krahmer, who is on an extended expedition in Antarctica with the National Science Foundation. Gary overhears some coworkers talking about an immense cavern system a few miles away. While examining the topographical maps for the quadrant where the caverns are supposed to be, he discovers that the maps have been expertly altered! But by whom, and for what reason?

Gary's curiosity increases until it becomes nearly an obsession for him to explore te mysteries of the cavern system. He feels as if a strange force that he does not understand is beckoning, summoning him. He sets off for the caverns and lowers himself deep inside with a rope. Upon reaching the floor of the caverns, he enters adjoining passages leading him to one massive chamber where he discovers a fire geyser! He wades into waist deep water where he is pulled towards the center of the anomaly and is pulled down into a shallow lake of boiling hot water in a chamber brightly lit up with phosphorus deposits upon the walls, and glowing of the geothermal source. He stumbles over several large crystalline objects, and throws himself upon the shore. Just as he is about to succumb to the heat and the gasses in the chamber he looks at one of the crystalline objects, and discovers that carved into the side of the crystalline object are characters in a language unlike anything that he has ever seen before.

When he comes to, Gary finds himself in the care of a maiden with red hair. He learns that he has discovered the remnant of a lost civilization which call themselves the Valrimir. They are the last survivors of the ancient lands of Shalrodan, who have lived in these caves warmed by geothermal energy for several millennia. The name of the woman who nursed him back to health is Trista, who is assigned to be his tutor in the written and spoken language of the Valrimir. In time Gary begins to read the ancient records, and he begins to translate the incredible saga into his native English.

The story is continued in my second book in the series, "The Summoning".

The saga concludes with my third book, "Heir to Three Thrones"


While reading the ancient records, Gary discovers that originally, a man named Rodanim, (the great grandson of the biblical figure, Noah) along with his friends Tarshus and Valrim set sail to explore the new world that had emerged after the great flood. With them went a boat full of the gigantic yet gentle Anakim, along with their unruly and enormous warriorlike cousins, the Zamzummim.

While sailing down the coast their expedition is joined by a man called Lashad and his family along with his sons and daughters and their families. These were the fore-fathers and mothers of a great race of warriors, the ebon skinned Tuskaru warriors.

While upon the open sea, a great storm arose which lasted for several days. The ship containing the Anakim and the Zamzummim became separated from the rest of the ships and were feared to be lost. Just as the various explorers were ready to turn back, Rodanim spoke to all that were assembled and spoke with such passion and power and inspiration, that he convinced the explorers to sail forward for one more week, and if land was not seen within the week, that he would agree to turn around and return home. Four days later, some rugged peaks were spotted, A few days later, Rodanim’s youngest son Koloth was born, and the islands were named Kolothys in honor of the occasion. The first native of the new land had been born! The island was used as a base for exploration, and the mainland was soon discovered.

Rodanim first sighted it one clear morning when he climbed to the top of the Kolothyn Mountains and cast his eyes southward. He exclaimed that from these mountains, you could see to eternity. The mountains there still bear the name. He excitedly returned to the camp with the news. The very next day, they set sail for the mainland, and landed upon the mainland. Rodanim named this place Shaldor after the eldest son who had journeyed with him.

Rodanim, (who because of his inspiration and vision, had been named leader by the voyagers) was the first man to set foot upon this great land which was named Shalrodan or the Lands of Rodanim in his honor.

On the occasion of Rodanim's 100th birthday, a great council was held to determine how the land was to be divided up amongst Rodanim, Tarshus, and Valrim, and their posterity.

To Tarshus and his posterity he gave the lands to the south of the Sea of Silence to the sentinel range on the west and the spinal mountains on the south. Valrim and his fair blonde children desired the land encircled about by the endless mountains, by the shores of the great inland lake that is called Vastia. To his eldest son, Shaldor, he gave the lands of Shaldor encircled about by the Sentinel range. To Tyrrh, his turbulent one, he gave the Island of Tyrrh, a small island to the west of Kolothys that Tyrrh had discovered and vainly named after himself.

To Vironia, his eldest daughter, he gave the high plateau at the center of Shalrodan, encircled about by the Silver Mountains, and bordered to the west by the Moaning Void. To his son, Gelehv, he gave the lands to the south of the Spinal Mountains to Comorral Bay.

To his youngest son Koloth he gave the land of his birth, the isles of Kolothys. To the ebon skinned Lashad and his posterity, he gave the lands of the coastal hills to the north of the Moaning Void. Since the only remaining land, the Frozen Wastes and the Moaning Void, were deemed uninhabitable, and barren, Rodanim proclaimed that this land was common ground, open to any that were hardy enough to live there.

Thus the land was divided, but Tyrrh, Rodanim's second eldest was angry with Rodanim saying that "he was among the oldest of his sons, yet he had the smallest inheritance.” Rodanim replied that since Tyrrh had the smallest posterity, his needs were not as great.

“Besides, he laughed, the land bears your name, so it must be yours!”

“Tyrrh argued in vain that the island was too small and the land too steep to habitate. Rodanim retorted that he could either have the island of Tyrrh, or the Moaning Void, the choice was his.”

And thus began the raids by Tyrrh upon the mainland, and pirating of the trade vessels that the Tyrrh found in open waters.

In future blog posts, I will be describing the various different provinces, and describing the features and characteristics, culture, and politics of the various places and provinces in the lands of Shalrodan.

The purpose of this blog site is to introduce my books, and to give my fans a forum to discuss my books. I look forward to your comments and ideas.


Robert R. Hotchkiss

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