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Updated: May 21, 2023

In the Shalrodan Saga books, a very unique accounting of time is recognized, one that can be quite confusing to one that is unacquainted with how the years and the events are chronicled. According to Gary's Journal entry dated December 8th, Gary discovers the Valrimir people in the year 5996 Krevoma, 4339 Flaslan. (Which is also 3392 Kryam).

In the books, four distinct references to time are used, namely; Krevoma, Flaslan, Kryam, and Celeva. I will describe each of these in detail. But first, here is a passage from "Earth of Fire, Sky of Ice" which may help to explain things a bit. This is during a conversation between Gary and Trista's Father, Thealt.

“How long have you lived here in the caves?”

“This hall has been in the possession of my family for over two thousand years. It was originally constructed in Flaslan 2173, Kryam 1226.”

“Tell me of “Flaslan”, “Krevoma” and “Kryam” for I do not understand your system of time reckoning.”

“Krevoma is the creation. It is the beginning of our accounting of our time. It is the time when First Father and First Mother first walked upon the earth. It is Krevoma”

“And Flaslan?”

“Flaslan is the year of the emergence. It is the first renewal, the second beginning. Flaslan began in Krevoma 1657. The age of Flaslan saw the rise and fall of the great empire of Shalrodan. It was the age that brought my ancestors to its shores. It was the age before Kryam.”

“Tell me of Kryam.”

“Kryam is the second renewal which saw the cold which brought our people to the fire caves. This was the third beginning or Kryam. This occurred very gradually but according to our reckoning Kryam began during Flaslan 947 when the last and hardiest people were driven here below when none could live above because of the cold.”

“You mean your people have lived here in these caverns for over 3000 years?”


“Trista told me of the Renewal that you call “Yavala” What is that?”

“Yavala is the third renewal. It is a sacred thing. We will speak no more of it.” Thealt said curtly as he cast a furtive stare at Trista.

“I am sorry, I did not mean to disturb you.”

“I am not disturbed, it is just that I do not think that you would understand. It is time for us to serve. We will go now.”

Krevoma: This is the reckoning of the first Age of time that is known as the first beginning. It is the creation of the world and begins when First Father (Adam) and First Mother (Eve) first set foot upon the Earth as being Krevoma 1.

The First Renewal: This was the end of the age of Krevoma, the renewal of water when the earth experienced the great flood in which only Noah, his wife, and his three sons; Japheth, Shem, and Ham, and their wives survived. (Along with some of the hardy and gigantic Anakim and Zamzummim, who ripped mighty trees from the ground and clung to them, and were strong enough to swim and stay afloat for forty days and nights until the waters receded, and the tops of the mountains emerged.

Flaslan: The first year of the Age of Flaslan was when the waters receded and Noah and his family first set foot upon dry land. It is the year of the emergence, and the second beginning. Flaslan 1 occurred in the year Krevoma 1657. Flaslan is the second beginning. It was the Age when the Continent of Shalrodan was discovered by Rodanim and his expedition, the lands divided, and the great cities of Shalrodan were built.

The Second Renewal: This was the gradual end of the age of Flaslan, the renewal of Ice; the point at which the lands of Shalrodan had become too cold and inhospitable for any to survive above ground. Most of the residents of the other provinces had already been driven northward by the cold, first taking refuge in the isles of Kolothys. Eventually even those lands became far too cold to inhabit, and so the residents of the other provinces and even the mighty Zamzummim and their gentle cousins the Anakim were driven to sail back to the mainland. However, the Valrimir people decided to stay. The mines of Dorga had been discovered, and the geothermal qualities of the mines provided the heat that the Valrimir needed to survive, and eventually became known as the city of Valrifas. Further exploration of the remains of the ancient Capitol city of Shaldor led to the discovery of Tronolasti, a wonderous place surrounded by mountains where the entire city had been covered by a glacier, but the geothermal activity in the earth below had melted away exposing much of the city, leaving a thick ceiling (or sky) of ice wedged into the mountains above. The sky of ice was eventually reinforced with a web of rope anchored into the mountainside, and clear crystalline rods driven down through the ice , and wrapped around by the rope and anchored to the mountainside giving the entire sky of ice tensile strength. The Sky of ce is continually monitored and maintained by the Stilari (Icewalkers) Guild. This led to a habitable location capable of growing crops and raising livestock. So the Valrimir people live in both places, underground in the city of Valrifas, and also in the city of Tronolasti (anciently known as the Capital City of Shaldor).

Kryam: The Age of Kryam began when the last person was driven underground into the city of Valrifas, warmed by the fire caves. It was the third beginning. Kryam 1 occured in the year Flaslan 947.

The Third Renewal: rarely spoken of by the Valrimir, the Third Renewal is the renewal of Fire, and occurred when the great prophet Yavala came to the Valrimir people and brought a newfound fire to their spirits.


Celeva: According to Valrimir prophecy, the end of the age of Kryam, and the beginning of the Age of Celeva would be marked by the Valrimir people leaving their cold and frozen imprisonment, and making the exodus to the lands of Celeva, which in the Valrimir tongue means "The Paradise". According to ancient prophecy, the Prophet Gareth Graymare would once again return to the Valrimir people and would lead their exodus from Valrifas and Tronolasti to the lands of Celeva, where they would be reunited with their Brother Race, the Valkyr, named after the Brother of Valrim. When Valrim decided to join Rodanim's expedition, he left his family and sailed southward, while his Brother Valkyr journyed northward. According to the prophecy, the sky of ice would melt away, and the Valrimir people would once again feel the warmth of the sun on their face, So Celeva 1 would be the first year of the Valrimir people in their new lands of Celeva.

The Fourth Renewal: According to the Valrimir prophecy, the fourth renewal would be the renewal of air, when the Valrimir people would see the day when the Sky of ice would melt away, and the people would feel the warmth of the sun upon their faces. The beginning of the fourth renewal would be marked by the return of the Prophet Gareth Graymare, who would lead the Valrimir people to Celeva, The Paradise.


The Valrimir people recognize four seasons of one hundred days each, that are approximately 22 hours each day. This equates to two eleven hour cycles that the Light and heat bearing lumas will maintain their eat and light. Specifically; Ethanim, (Late winter - early spring); Tebeth, The light times (summer), when many of the Lumiskveya guild travel to Tronolasti to help the Stilarii maintain the sky of ice; Adari, the Season of the harvest, (Similar to fall); and Tammuz - the dark times (winter) When many of the Stilarii journey from Tronolasti to Valrifas to help transport and place the lumas which provide light and heat. In Tronolasti, where they have more of a regular 24 hour day, every 10 days, they simply add one day, and then at the end of the season, they add one more, and this keeps them fairly well synchronized with the shorter day and 100 day seasons observed in Valrifas.

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