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Today, I return to my Weblog after a couple of weeks when I had some eldercare issues that required my attention. Today, I thought that I would begin a series about the various provinces of Shalrodan, and give a brief overview of each of the areas, and in future weeks to do an in depth dive into the geographic, political, and cultural differences between the various provinces and areas of Shalrodan.

If the map of Ancient Shalrodan looks familiar to you, it should. Shalrodan is the word that the ancients used to call what is now modern day antarctica. What was anciently known as the Isles of Kolothys is now known as the Palmer Pennisnsula (Graham Land). What was once known as lake Vastia in the province of Valrim is now the Wilkes subglacial basin. What was once the provinces of Tarshus and Gehlev are now known as Queen Maud land.

From top to bottom, (north to south) I shall give a brief description of the various provinces and parts of Shalrodan as they anciently existed:


The Isles of Kolothys consists of one main island, 3 smaller islands, and numerous fairly small islands that are separated from the mainland by the Sea of Silence. it is a mountainous region filled with farmlands, forests, and green pastures where horses roam. Kolothyn horses are bred for speed and strength, and are known as the finest horses in all of Shalrodan. The isles were named in honor of Rodanim's son Koloth, the first first child to be born in the new lands while the people still lived on the isle of Koloth before the mainland was discovered. . The Isles of Kolothys are ruled by Galen Graymare, and Queen Valrissa, the sister of King Valinor, (the current Lord of the Valrimir), and also sister of Queen Valerian, who married Iotheld, (King of Shaldor). The House of Graymare came to power in the Graymare rebellion. I shall go into the rebellion in a future post about the isles of Kolothys. Kolothys is the home of the Kolothyn Corsairs, who are renown for their skill at sailing ships, and naval combat.


Named after Rodanim's tempestuous son , Tyrrh is an island west by southwest of Kolothys. At the beginning of the first book, it is ruled by Dakkor, whose father was a fearsome Zamzummim (giant) warrior. It is a mountainous region with some farmland at the base of the mountains. Its most prominent feature is the

great citadel of Tyrrh, on the eastern part of the island. Although Tyrrh denies it, several ships make port in Tyrrh that plunder the trade routes of the other provinces. The pirates secretly give a portion of their plunder to the crown, and in turn, Dakkor allows them to drop anchor in Tyrrh's ports and leaves them alone.


The city of Shaldor is the Capitol city of Shalrodan. The province itself is somewhat of a diamond shape widening downward from its northern tip at Norpoint down to where two mountain ranges begin to converge meeting at the great gate at Solvergap, entrance to the Province of Vironia. at the eastern edge of Shaldor is a valley between two mountain ranges that is known as the Dramarak passage. Travelers journeying from the Capitol to the provinces of Tarshus, Gehlev, or Vironia that do not travel by boat will typically traverse the Dramarak passage. Within the passage are two wayfarer's inns where weary travellers may safely stay the night and get good food and drink. on the western side of Shaldor is the City of Shadorgal, and the mines of Dorga, which is under the control of the Thrafri of Dorga. A Thrafri is less than a king, but more than a baron as his powers and authority come from his families ownership of the land where the mine is and the surrounding area. At the beginning of the first book, Shaldor is under the rule of Lord Iotheld, the King of Shaldor.

SPOILER ALERT! Lord Iotheld is murdered by his overly ambitious nephew Thetus who masterfully implicates an unfortunate stable tend named Elan, a young lad who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Named after Lashad, a black trader who joined Rodanim's expedition, Lashad is home to the skillful Tuskaru Warriors, who are the best trained and greatest fighting force in all of Shalrodan. Located west of Shaldor, Lashad is ruled by Chief Toribor, a wise man and warrior of great reknown. Lashad is home to the great Circewood Forest, and lumber is one of Lashad's main exports. Annually a great celebration is held in the city of Lashad, where the most valiant of warriors compete to display their prowess at horseback riding, throwing spears, fighting, archery, and other events.


Located west of Lashad, the province of ancient Valrim surrounds a large lake known as lake Vastia. Valrim is encircled by mountains. The province is named after Valrim, a friend of Rodanim's who once worked alongside Rodanim in the Shipyards of Tarshish in the old world.

SPOILER AERT! When the lands of Shalrodan become too cold to inhabit above ground, the decendants of Valrim eventually leave the province of Valrim and seek refuge in the fire caves in the mines of Dorga, a cavern system warmed by geothermal energy.


Located to the east of the province of Shaldor, Tarshus is named after the other friend and co-worker of Rodanim and Valrim. The largest city in Tarshus is Tarshilon where an Academy of higher learning is found. It is there that Lord Iotheld sends his son, Derek to live and to study after the death of his wife, Valerian. There is a great shipyard in Tarshilon, and as such, Tarshus boasts a large and competent naval fleet.


Located south of Tarshus, the Province of Gehlev consists primarily of farmland. There is one large city, Gehlevia at the Northeastern edge of the province, with a harbor upon the Sea of Silence.


Named after Rodanim's daughter, the most prominent feature of Vironia is the larg inland plateau, and a large harbor located upon Commoral Bay, to the south of the city of Vironia, home of the Oracle.

It is said by the other provinces, that the great Oracle of Vironia is Vironia's single greatest source of income. Pilgrims from all over Vironia make their way to the Oracle where they seek absolution and balance in their lives. One other primary industry in this province is shipbuilding. The port of Commoral Bay is home to one of the largest shipyards in all of Shalrodan. The Province of Vironia is ruled by Vilara, the Thrafri of Vironia.


The Moaning Void is a great expanse of desert and sand dunes that lies to the wouth of Lashad, and to the west of Vironia. It is called the Moaning Void, because those travellers that have wandered into its midst say that they can hear a low moaning sound that sounds like the bellows of tenthousand lost souls all about them. About the only thing that lives in the Moaning Void, are the residents of the Lost City, located near Water's End Oasis, where a river flowing down from the surrounding mountains forming a waterfall that conceals the entrance to the Lost City. The remainder of the water flows down into an underground cavern system and is probably carried out to sea by an underground aquifer.


Being at the southern end of the continent, the Frozen Wastes was the first to feel the effect of the cold as the continental drift made its way to the bottom of the world. The Frozen Wastes are home to the gentle and peaceful Anakim, and their warlike cousins the fearsom Zamzummim who live in the city of Bashoran, on the southern coast. To the west of Bashoran lie the frozen marshes which in the summer months becomes a boggy swamp, being the delta for the large river Anik.

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