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Today being Easter Sunday, I thought I would provide some insights into the religious beliefs of the Valrimir people. To start off, I must apologize to my fans and followers for my long absence. It's been a difficult several months for me as I have experienced a death in my immediate family as well as a serious automobile accident. The good news is that I have had some amazing family support and great therapists, and I am now almost back to one hundred percent, (I hope).

So lets talk about the renewal that the Valrimir call Yavala, named after Yavala, the one that the Valrimir people consider to be the savior of their souls, along with the All Father Eloima.

The Renewal known as Yavala would have come after the reckonings of time known as Krevoma (The creation), Flaslan, (presumably the emergence following the great flood that covered the earth in the days of Noah), and even after the beginning of the reckoning known as "Kryam" when the continent of Shalrodan had drifted to the bottom of the Earth sometime after Flaslan 947 when the last of the people who chose to remain in Shalrodan took refuge below ground, in what was originally known as the mines of Dorga, and has since been renamed the Valrimir city of Valrifas.

There is not much mention about the reckoning of time known as Yavala. In a conversation between Gary Krahmer and Thealt, found in chapter five, "New Friends, New Enemies" in "Earth of Fire, Sky of Ice", Gary briefly mentions the reckoning of time known as Yavala, and Thealt as quickly dismisses the subject. Not because it is a secret but because it is something that is held as sacred to the Valrimir people.

Later in the same book, Gary and Trista have journeyed to Tronolasti in order to help with the harvest. In the journal entry between Chapters Forty Nine and Fifty, Gary has a conversation with Trista, wherein he shows Trista his pocket bible that he had carried with him in his backpack (and which was fortunately safely sealed away along with his passport and other papers in a water-proof sealable bag. When Trista sees the holy record and the images in Gary's Bible, she takes Gary to the gathering, which is the subject of Chapter Fifty: "A Prophecy Fulfilled".

In this chapter, Trista, in her enthusiasm and excitement bursts into the large chamber where Lord Valistral is speaking to the people of Tronolasti. She announces to all that Gareth Graymare has returned in fulfillment of an ancient prophecy that he would one day return and bring the Valrimir people the words of Eloima, the One-God, and Yavala, the Deliverer.

Because the Valrimir call Yavala (Jehovah) "The Deliverer" one may almost be impressed to believe that Following his crucifixion and resurrection, that the one that the Valrimir people call Yavala appeared to the Valrimir people, and healed their sick and infirm, and did teach and minister unto them. He "delivered" his word to the Valrimir people and promised them that one day another would return to them with a record of his word and his teachings.

A belief in a supreme being named Eloima (Elohim) seemingly, is not limited only to the Valrimir people. In "The Summoning", Chapter Thirty Four, "In the Hall of the Frost Giants", a tale is told by one of the Giants describing how Eloima created the earth, and the stars.

Interestingly, it would seem that for the residents of the continent of Shalrodan, when it was at its peak as a civilization, approximately Flaslan 300, there seems to be a division between those who believe in the powers of the Oracle, and that one's salvation is a matter of gettings ones life in balance and making amends for ones wrongful acts versus the ancient religions where the people continued to believe in an all powerful being named Eloima, the One-God, and All Father, and eventually in His Son, namely Yavala, the Deliverer.

However, with the appearance of Gareth Graymare, and his travels around the various provinces of Shalrodan, eventually, the Oracle became less and less frequented, as the People of Shalrodan outgrew their beliefs in the Oracle, and eventually were driven back to the warmth of the lands to the north by the impending cold.

I believe that the important thing is, whatever ones belief's, that if those beliefs bring one to a place of peace, moral responsibility, and kindness and goodness, that is the most important thing. There is far too much hatred in the world. Far more hatred than this world should have to bear. We simply need to be tolerant of those who may believe differently than we do, so long as their actions in the living and manifesting of their own beliefs do not step upon or seek to minimize or restrict those beliefs of our own.

Happy Easter Sunday 2024!

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