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  • Is Rodanim a real person?
    Yes, According to the Bible, Rodanim is mentioned twice, First in Genesis: 10:4, and in First Chronicles: 1:7, then curiously never heard from again. Referencing Rodanim | Biblical Training Rodanim RODANIM (rŏd'a-nĭm). A tribe descended from Javan, a son of Japheth (1Chr.1.7). Both here and in Gen.10.4, RSV has “Dodanim,” but the LXX gives “Rodanim” or “Rodians,” which rendering is supported by RSV “men of Rhodes” (Ezek.27.15), a reading followed by NIV. Ezekiel’s account of the trade by Dedan (kjv) would link the city with Rhodes. Records of trade between Rhodes and western Mediterranean ports date back to 700 b.c. RODANIM rō’ də nĭm (some Heb. MSS: רוֹדָנִֽים, LXX ̔Ρόδιοι). the MT has Rōdanīm in 1 Chronicles 1:7, but Dōdanĩm in Genesis 10:4. Clearly the same ethnic group is in view, so that both spellings cannot be correct. Most scholars conclude from the fact that the Rodanim are included among the islanders of the Aegean area that “Rhodians” (inhabitants of the island of Rhodes) are meant. This can be explained, because the Heb. letters r and d resemble each other. Dodanim is the more difficult to explain. This does not mean it is less likely as the true reading. No plausible identification of Dodanim has been proposed. In the book series, this is accounted for by Rodanim having a brother named Rhodim whose descendants settled the isle of Rhodes while Rodanim possibly sailed southward and discovered the continent of Shalrodan.
  • Why is the third book called "Heir to Three Thrones"?
    SPOILER ALERT Gareth Graymare, a major character in the second and especially the third book, is the son of Valrissa, a Valrimir Princess in the ancient storyline, and was raised as his own son by Valrissa's husband, Galen Graymare, the Lord of the Isles of Kolothys. The main antagonist in the ancient storyline is Thetus, the nephew to Lord Iotheld, the King of Shaldor. Thetus' Mother Gaiia, was the eldest heir to the throne of Shaldor, and had Gaiia's younger brother Iotheld never been born, Thetus would have been heir to the throne of Shaldor. Likewise, Thetus' Father Traboret would have been heir to the throne of Kolothys had not the house of Graymare rebelled and overthrown Thetus's Grandfather, and seized power. While on a trip to Kolothys, Thetus sees Valrissa, and his every waking thought is consumed by her. When he tries to court her, She rejects Thetus, in favor of another Suitor, Galen Graymare. On the day of the wedding between Galen Graymare and Valrissa, Thetus ' men Kidnap Valrissa, and take her to his boat, and he sets sail for the mainland. While upon the open seas, Thetus takes his revenge against Valrissa for spurning him, and the house of Graymare for stealing his throne, as he ravages Valrissa against her will. Thetus' single greatest desire is that his posterity would reign over the Kingdom of Shaldor. and in time, Valrissa bears a son which Thetus believes to be his own flesh and blood. Coincidentally, the Queen of Shaldor, Valerian, wife of Lord Iotheld is also with child. This plants in Thetus' head a diabolical plan. Thetus enlists the assistance of the Royal Physician of Shaldor, Dairel, and when Queen Valerian gives birth to her chid, a girl, Dairel whisks the baby and attempts to replace it with the boy child that Thetus believes to be his own son. He comes to be known as Valhalek. For over seven years the Royal Prince Valhalek is raised in the Palace of Shaldor as an heir to the throne of Shaldor. Given that his Mother Valrissa is a Princess and heir to the throne of Valrim, and his Father Galen Graymare is Lord of Kolothys, Valhalek (AKA Gareth Graymare) is also an heir to the thrones of Valrim and of Kolothys. That is why he is known as "Heir to Three Thrones".
  • Why is the second book called "The Summoning"?
    SPOILER ALERT Gary Krahmer, a geologist with the National Science Foundation is on an extended expedition to Antarctica when he discovers the Valrimir people living in caves warmed by geothermal energy. From the very beginning, Gary feels as though there was a power at work that he can not explain which beckons and summons him first to travel to Antarctica in the first place, and secondly, to explore the cavern system, and discover the Valrimir people. As Gary is to learn, he was born with the gift of the Illidranii, a unique class of beings that have the many powers and abilities including telepathy, the ability to project thoughts and images into the minds of another, as well as reach out with their mind and travel great distances and see things that are occurring in distant places with their mind. They also have the ability to store and recall the memories of thousands of individuals gained over thousands of years. When an Illidranii grow old, he must identify a successor that he can train, and pass his knowledge onto, for the cardinal rule for an Illidranii is that their knowledge never be allowed to be lost. In the second book, "The Summoning" Gary learns that there is such a man living amongst the Valrimir people. His name is Heraald, and he is the lawgiver and Administrator of Justice for the Valrimir people. Heraald is also the last Illidranii. As we learn in the second book, Heraald has identified Gary as an individual that is born with the gift of the Illidranii, and he has spent years summoning Gary to the Valrimir people so that he can pass his thousands of years of knowledge onto him.
  • What is Shalrodan?
    Shalrodan is the name of the lands described in the Shalrodan Saga books written by Robert R. Hotchkiss. Namely, "Earth of Fire, Sky of Ice", "The Summoning" and "Heir to Three Thrones". Shalrodan means "The lands of Rodanim", or as you may know better know them, as the continent of Antarctica.
  • Why is the first book titled "Earth of Fire, Sky of Ice"?
    When Gary Krahmer discovers the Valrimir people living in caves warmed by geothermal energy far below the surface of Antarctica, he later learns that there is another Valrimir city located to the north east by the name of Tronolasti. This word, Tronolasti when translated from the Valrimir tongue means " the place of Fire in the Earth, and Sky of Ice above, or "Earth of Fire, Sky of Ice". SPOILER ALERT: When the Valrimir sent a party to the location of the ancient capital city of Shaldor, the explorers discovered something quite remarkable. That the city (Which sits in a bowl surrounded by mountains) had at one point been completely covered over by a glacier, however, due to the geothermal activity of the earth below, much of the lower part of the city had re-emerged from the ice, leaving a thick dome (or sky) of ice above, causing the temperature within the dome of ice to be comparable to the temperature in the caves in the Valrimir city of Valrifas. A new guild was formed, the Stilarii, or Ice Walkers, who reinforced the sky of ice using a web of rope anchored into the mountainside. long crystalline rods were made which were driven through the ice at angles that correspond with the solstices, and reinforced by the web of rope, covered over with snow and frozen to become a part of the sky of ice in order to give the sky of ice additional tensile strength.
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