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About Robert R. Hotchkiss

Robert Hotchkiss was born the youngest of four children in Pueblo Colorado, to Robert and Marilyn Hotchkiss. Living much of his early life in the inter-mountain west, he gained a great appreciation for the beauty and grandeur of nature. As a youth, he enjoyed hiking, camping, and fishing, and at 15, earned his Eagle Scout award. While in his formative years, he lived in such diverse places as: Pueblo, Colorado;   Bangkok Thailand;  Ogden Utah;  Fort Defiance Arizona; , and Albuquerque New Mexico.

While attending college, he met his first wife, Grace. Robert and Grace were married in August of 1980. This marriage brought him three of his greatest treasures, namely his three daughters; Shannon, Holly, and Valorie.

Mr. Hotchkiss was introduced to Fencing while still in high school. While he occasionally participated in community theater for many years to come, his real passion was Fencing. He participated in countless Fencing competitions and was a member of the American Fencing Coaches Association, whom he proudly represented as he participated in the 1994 Goodwill Games in Saint Petersburg Russia . He also was honored to participate in a Fencing Demonstration at the closing ceremonies of the 94' Goodwill Games at Kirov Stadium in Saint Petersburg, Russia before an audience of over 80,000 cheering spectators and millions worldwide. This was probably one of the most memorable and exciting moments of his entire life. Mr. Hotchkiss was later honored by receiving the title of Moniteur D’Escrime. He founded the Sierra Fencing Club in El Dorado County, California.

He proudly served in the United states Navy during parts of the 70's and 80's.

For much of his professional life, Mr. Hotchkiss worked as an Engineer for IBM Corporation. Following an economic downturn in 1996 and layoff, he relocated to the Salt Lake City area and subsequently divorced from his first wife. He later worked for Siemens, as well as performed in various consulting capacities which have taken him to such diverse places as Chicago; San Francisco; and Atlanta.

Some of the causes that are important to him are  the elderly, Veterans, and especially our elderly Veterans.


After 4 decades, he reconnected with his High School sweetheart in 2018, and they were married in May of 2019. He currently resides with his wife, Holly in Ogden Utah. And yes, she is a redhead.

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